Optimale Trainingsmöglichkeiten

Strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, speed – in short, motor skills – must be trained and cultivated, otherwise they will gradually be lost. The concise formula „use it or lose it“ sums up this connection. Power Play stands for more power and offers you excellent and in their combination unique possibilities for more fun and success in training.


Every human movement is based on power. That is why increasing and sustainably cultivating strength as a motor skill is so extremely important – for men and women, for teenagers and seniors. It has turned out, especially for older people, that functional independence in old age is primarily a question of physical strength and not of cardiovascular capacity. Properly performed strength training also improves mobility, speed, coordination skills and muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Power Play stands for more power, and we see our core competency in strength training, whether with a focus on health, general fitness or bodybuilding training. Therefore you will find excellent opportunities with us, effective strength training according to your taste. In addition to the pure gain in strength, it is possible to shape and develop the body through targeted load control in a way that no other type of training or sport can.


In addition to strength, endurance is one of the most important human motor skills and describes physical and psychological resistance to fatigue as well as the ability to regenerate quickly. General, aerobic endurance training improves the cardiovascular functions (cardiovascular fitness), increases the ability to concentrate and increases general performance due to increased resistance to fatigue and rapid recovery. A good endurance performance also has a positive effect on resilience and the ability to regenerate at work and in everyday life. In addition, cardio training provides great results that you can see directly in the mirror: With regular cardio training, you will be able to reduce fat in a targeted manner due to the increased calorie consumption.

Power Play Fitness offers you various endurance training options in a motivating training atmosphere. Our modern endurance equipment, such as cross trainers, treadmills, bicycles or steppers, are guaranteed to make you sweat. The cardio cinema also provides variety during your endurance training, so that you can follow the television program at the same time on TV sets.

Einzigartiger Open-Air-Trainingsbereich

Training outdoors – yes you read that right!! Enjoy the flair of our unique outdoor area and complete your strength and fitness training in the fresh air from March to October. What you probably only know from photos or videos of outdoor fitness studios, such as Muscle Beach in LA, becomes reality on our training terrace. You can expect a fully-fledged training area with various strength machines, free weights and dumbbells. Once you’ve trained here, you won’t want to train anywhere else when the weather is sunny – guaranteed.

Fantastisches Kursprogramm

Exercising together is a lot of fun. In addition, our trainers motivate and inspire and make every lesson an experience. Not least because of this, our courses are so popular. Group workouts lower mental performance thresholds and, with partner and group exercises, open up completely new options for coordination, strength and mobility training. With over 20 different types of courses and more than 100 course hours per week, we offer you an enormous selection and variety of different courses across studios. Whether jumping fitness, Zumba, functional training, yoga or Pilates – there is something for every taste. In addition, it does not matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced student: our course trainers adapt to you and will tease the best out of you.


Individuelle Trainingsbetreuung

Reach your desired weight, build muscle, finally have a six-pack or simply fit back into last summer’s dress? What is your goal? Our training professionals will help you to achieve your goals. With targeted training support, we ensure that you don’t take any detours on the way there, support you in all aspects of training and create a plan together that suits you, your level of performance, your goals and, above all, your life. Your training plan will be individually tailored to you by the trainer. In further training support, you can choose between the Standard or Premium support package, depending on the level of support you would like to experience. The standard package primarily focuses on the area of ​​training.

All of our employees who work in training support and nutritional support have the appropriate qualifications and skills as well as many years of experience – and they have been successfully implementing their own fitness training for years. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fitness beginner, an experienced trainer or an ambitious competitive athlete – we support everyone and ensure that training is more successful and fun.

Metabolic Coaching

The right diet is a very important measure for achieving individual fitness goals, whether it is about gaining strength, shaping your figure, losing fat, feeling good about your health or overcoming stress and having a happy mood. The appropriate change stimuli are set in the training. In order for the body to actually adapt and become more efficient, it needs the right nutrients. Using a scientifically based measurement method, we are able to measure and evaluate your personal metabolism. Among other things, the following are determined:

  • effectiveness of your metabolism
  • Proportionate sugar and fat burning
  • possible weight loss blocks
  • oxygen uptake capacity of the cells
  • calorie requirement
  • Statements about your health status

The measurement results then form a well-founded basis for further training and nutrition planning. Especially attempts to lose weight are often unsuccessful due to a lack of knowledge about one’s own metabolism – and in particular the fat metabolism – since general nutritional recommendations do not always correspond to personal needs. In order to lose weight successfully, you need to know how your metabolism works. The Power Play fitness studios exclusively offer you such a metabolism measurement.


Vibration training with the Galileo system upgrades your training even further. This gives you the opportunity to set extremely effective training stimuli for many muscles at the same time and for entire muscle chains in just a few minutes – this tightens the body, stabilizes and strengthens the back and ensures good blood circulation.

The principle of the patented system is based on the natural movement of people when walking. The rapid rocking motion of the exercise platform causes the pelvis to rock just like walking, but much more frequently. To compensate, the body reacts with rhythmic muscle contractions alternating between the left and right half of the body. Galileo uses this strengthening reflex as effective training.

The simulation of the human gait through the seesaw movement makes Galileo Training a training method with a physiological movement type, in contrast to other training platforms with vertical up and down movement. Galileo vibration training is therefore also ideal for strengthening the back and torso. It is particularly gentle on the cardiovascular system, promotes blood circulation and offers you further advantages in terms of excellent training of the pelvic floor muscles or osteoporosis prophylaxis.

Sauna und Wellness

A visit to the sauna after fitness training is an excellent supplement and rounding off as well as a contribution to optimal regeneration. However, one or two sauna sessions are sufficient after the workout, in contrast to the three to four sauna sessions that are otherwise common. It is particularly important to ensure that you have enough liquid. The high sauna temperatures stimulate the circulation, increase blood flow and relax the muscles. The sauna detoxifies the internal organs and the skin becomes soft and tender. Regular sauna sessions also make the body more resistant to infectious diseases.

And if you just want to let your soul dangle after training, our relaxation area with sun terrace will not disappoint you – the ideal short break á la Power Play.

Wasser ist Leben

Through training and exertion, the body loses fluid and important minerals in the form of sweating. It is all the more important to drink during training. That’s why we offer you our water and mineral beverage dispensing system for self-service. You can choose from different flavors, still water and mineral water, all without the addition of granulated sugar, fructose or aspartame – of course.


Enjoy the warmth and relax in our high-quality, modern solariums from Ergoline. You certainly know the principle: „The dose makes the poison.“ This also applies to the sun. However, well-dosed sunbeams are essential and, in addition to an attractive suntan, also have a whole range of health-positive effects. Life on earth is not possible without the sun. It provides energy and joie de vivre for people, animals and plants. Sunlight contains a variety of different rays. Modern tanning devices offer a spectrum similar to that of the sun – only targeted and precisely dosed in terms of duration and power.

Every dermatologist knows that the best protection against sunburn is a carefully constructed skin tan. The problem isn’t the tan, the problem is the erythema (reddening of the skin to the point of sunburn) that some sunbathers consciously accept because many mistakenly believe that sunburn accelerates tanning.

The skin is the first thing our counterpart perceives of us. A vital, healthy appearance brings greater acceptance than sallow skin and paleness. However, sunlight has far more effects on the body than just the pigmentation of the skin, which is recognizable as tanning at first glance. It ensures that the messenger substance serotonin is produced. This is the same thing that makes high-calorie chocolate so happy. Sun makes you happy, it awakens the spirit and the libido, keeps the circulation going, ensures healthy bones and strengthens the immune system. In addition, UV rays have shown a healing or soothing effect on various skin diseases such as acne or psoriasis. However, the principle of reasonable dosage always applies outdoors as well as in the solarium. This depends on the skin type.


Free service for you: Our childcare takes care of your little ones while you get advice, attend a course or train freely. Our current care times are

at Power Play Fitness in Bonlanden (see also weekly schedule on the right):

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.: Power Kids – active childcare
  • Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.: child care

at Power Play Fitness For Ladies in Echterdingen:

  • Monday and Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.: Power Kids – active childcare
  • Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.: Childcare